Die Harbeth M30.2XD hat eine sehr schöne Besprechung bei dem Online-Magazin AUDIOPHILIA erhalten:

Der Autor (Michael Johnson, Musiker – Oboe und Horn) schreibt hier: 
“The 30.2 XD rendered one of the most natural and open sounding presentations of this difficult to reproduce acoustic instrument I have ever heard“
More important here is the tonal ‘rightness’, the balanced and open texture, the rhythmic pacing, the smooth detail, the shockingly punchy bass, and the incredible instrumental separation and clarity (especially in the vocals). If those are things you are after, the Harbeth 30.2 XD is definitely your ticket. They are certainly mine.“ 
„This is a speaker that makes you excited about listening to music, makes you want to hear as much as possible and offers a connection to the artist that you don’t always find easily. The 30.2 XD is not just a speaker that I want to listen to music on, it’s a speaker that I want to live with, so much so, I put my money where my editorial mouth is and sent the distributor a check. Hats off to Shaw and co for producing a world class musical product.“