Paul Rigby’s Bericht über den DinoMK3 Phonovorverstärker und seine Upgrades

Hier finden Sie einen sehr lesenswerten Bericht zu dem DinoMk3 und seinen Upgrade-Möglichkeiten:
„Stay on the path“ »



Paul Rigby schreibt hier u.a.:

  • „It has to be said that just buying a Dino Mk.3 is recommended as a top quality purchase in its own right.“
  • „It was time to upgrade and so I … added the Dino+, featuring the UK-made power supply in its own chassis and carried on with Japan’s Ghosts. As soon as the bass kicked in I couldn’t restrain a small ‘Wow!’ There was so much maturity in those lower frequencies. The control was immense.“
  • „It was at this point that I changed the interconnecting cable, between the Dino and the Dino+ power supply for the upgraded High Performance Lead. Switching to the Ananda Shankar LP the cable lifted the two-box system to a new level. With the new cable added, I was able to hear modulations within the early guitar work and the female harmony section in the chorus.The general soundstage also sounded a lot more confidant and disciplined in the presentation.“
  • „The introduction of the Never Connected Power Supply was interesting, via the Ananda Shankar track, because there was a further reduction of noise but there was something else.“… „There was a new complexity to the Bowie vocal which now featured an enhanced texture. The vocal sounded more like the human voice with vocal complexity in evidence while reverb from guitar strings travelled further. This was music that was now layering, becoming elaborate and diverse, making the ear focus on new details or enhanced subtleties.“